Popular Articles

Author Title of Paper Name of Journal/Magzine/News Paper Date
Prof. S.B. Deore Analysis of Chankapur catchment using Geospatial Technology Contemporary Research in India, ISSN: 2231-2137, UGC Approved Journal No. 6244, Vol. 3, Special Issue : 51-55, Jan. 2018 Jan 2018
Prof. P. A. Bhavsar Analysis of Non Woody Biomass Briquetted Fuel Advanced Agricultural Research & Technology Journal; Vol. 2, Issue 1, Jan., 2018 Jan 2018
Prof. A.S. Patwardhan Equal and same distribution of water by lift Irrigation Scheme Sunrise monthly Magazine, Jan. 2008 p-34. Jan 2008
Prof. A.S. Patwardhan Different implements operated by Power Tiller Sunrise monthly Magazine, Jan. 2008 p-28. Jan 2008
Prof.A.S.Patil Hastachalit Falbhaji Lagvad Yantra Agrowon Apr 2015
Prof.A.S.Patil Shevga Todni Yantra Godwa Mar 2015
Prof. D.S. Mondhe Kaddhanyanpasun Dal Banvinyachya Prakriyetil Vividh Karye Krishi Vichar Magazine Jul 2016

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