Human Resource Development

Name of Staff Training attended/ Seminar /Workshop attended Date
Prof. A.S. Patwardhan

Delivered lecture on Micro-Irrigation at ASEAN agri-clinic and agri-Business Training Center, Ozar Mig, Niphad, Nashik

17 Jun 2019
Prof. S.N. Mane

Paper presentation on Prioritization of Catchments of M.P.K.V. Central Campus (West) for  Soil and Water Conservation Measures Using Morphological Characteristics  in International conference on Emerging Trends in Civil & Environmental En

27 Feb 2018
Mrs. K. A. Deshmukh

Attended the Worksop on “All India Survey of Higher Education” at M. P. K. V., Rahuri on 14th January 2019.

14 Jan 2019
Prof. S. B. Deore

Attended  Kisan Agricultural Exhibition”, Moshi, Pune during 14th to 15th December, 2018.

14 Dec To 15 Dec 2018
Prof. D. S. Mondhe, Prof. R. B. Kadlag, Prof. S. N. Umare and Mr. K. S. Chavan

Attended on day workshop on “Advances in Gas Chromatography and Spectrometry” jointly Organized by KKW College of Agriculture and BSR Technology, Nashik on 13th January, 2018.


13 Jan 2018
Prof. A. N. Shinde

Attended and showcased student’s project model “Pushtype Sprayer” in NIMA Index Exhibition at Goregaon, Mumbai during 3rd to 5th May, 2018.

3 May To 5 May 2018

Attended Faculty Development Programme on “Inovative Food Processing and Packaging Technology’’ organized by the NIT, MHDR Roukela during 4th December to 9th December.

04 Dec To 09 Dec 2018
Prof. A. N. Shinde & Prof. N. K. Gadge

Attended AIMA (Ambad Industries and Manufacturer’s Association) Index Exhibition and showcased students projects in the exhibition held at Dongare Vastigruh, Gangapur Road, Nashik during 18th Jan., 2018 to 21st Jan., 2018.

18 Jan To 21 Jan 2018
Prof. S. N. Umare

attended and presented a paper entitled ‘Prioritization of catchments of MPKV Central Campus (West) for Soil and Water Conservation Measures Using Morphological Characteristics’ in an International

26 Feb To 27 Feb 2018
Prof. A. S. Patwardhan

I/c Principal along with the entire staff member attended a Training programme on J-gate (Online Journal) on 23rd June 2018.

Speaker: - Mr. Mayank Dedhia (Manager, Training and Business Devel

23 Jun 2018
Prof. S. B. Deore

Attended Faculty Development Programme on “Applications of Geomatics for DisasterManagement’’ organized by the Centre for Water Resources, Institute of Science and Technology, Jawaharlal Nehru Technol

13 Nov To 25 Nov 2018
Prof. G. D. Patil

Attended ICAR Sponsored National Conference on “Agro-Processing Based
Entrepreneurship Development for Sustainable Livelihood” at Dr. P. D. K. V. Akola during 22-23 February

22 Feb 2017 To 23 Feb 2017

rospects in Diversity, Diagnosis in disease Managements” Organized by Indian Phytopathological Society at College of Agriculture, Badanapur.

Prof.A.S.Mochi Prof.A.S.Rathod Prof.S.B.Tupe Prof.K.P.Pati

Impact of Globalisation on cross-cultural issues in Science and Technology, Commerce and Management, Arts and Media at Gokhale Education Society’s R. N. C. Arts, J.D.B. Commerce & N.S. C. Science College, mumbai

13-09-2016 to 14-09-2016 (2 days)
Prof.A.S.Mochi, Prof.A.S.Rathod, Prof.S.B.Tupe and Prof.K.P.Patil International Conference on “Impact of Globalisation on cross-cultural issues in Science and Technology, Commerce Management, Arts and Media” 13th & 14th September, 2016. (2 Days)
Prof. K. P. Patil Prof. D. S. Kadam

National conference on current trends in bio sciences medicinal plants their scientific validation and novel application

14th International Trichoderma and Gliocladium Workshop (TG2016) Principles to Practice

9th to10th December,2016 (2 Days)

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