Anti-ragging Committee

Name of staff Position Contact No
Prof. A.S. Patwardhan (Principal) Chairman 8600041473
Prof. A.N. Shinde (Assistant Professor) Vice Chairman 9423228233
Prof. P.V. Khairnar (Assistant Professor) Member 9922775682
Prof. A.T.Kadam (Assistant Professor) Member 9923608143
Shri. S.S. Nirgude (Physical Director and Rector) Member 9326895565
Shri. D.S. Ugale (News Reporter) Member 9881134941
Shri. C.S. Jadhav (Local Parents) Member 8888894981
Shri. S. Ahire (Social Worker) Member 9822094434
Shri. S. P. Kute (Assistant Registrar) Assistant Registrar 9423716383
Shri. Sanjay Sangle (Police Inspector) Police Inspector 9405446266

Major Recruiters

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